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Signe Nordstrom, Signe model, Signe Nordström


Born and raised on an organic farm at Marstrand, Sweden, Signe grew up loving nature, the ocean and home grown vegetables.

After graduating school in 1999, Signe moved temporarily to Chicago, IL (USA) to visit her sister, and was discovered within days at a restaurant by a photographer and an agent from the Eileen Ford Modeling Agency.


Discovering that she was too big to be a "straight size" model and too thin to be a "plus size" model, Signe was advised to gain some weight on her very skinny (but still too big for "straight size") frame. That advice was a major turning point in her life after suffering for years from counting calories, lapses of anorexia and bulimia, and compulsive exercising. In deciding and accepting to become a plus size model, she was given the freedom to let her body discover its own rhythm. That was the best decision she ever made, she says.


"I realized I had been living inside a mental prison of my own doing. Why did I think being skinny, or weighing x pounds, was going to make me happier? When I started to eat and exercise to nourish my body (instead of unnaturally starving it thin) I discovered a world of beauty, inner peace, and abundant happiness!"

Coming into her natural weight by eating healthy, wholesome and organic, and staying active with yoga, Signe emerged on the modeling scene in 2002 and was working all over the world within months. 

Her interest in health and nutrition, eventually lead her to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach by Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Teachers College Columbia University in New York in 2009.


Her love for working out, now expresses itself naturally in yoga, horse jumping, biking, kayaking, and skiing. 

Represented by FORD Models and JAG Models in New York, and some of the biggest agencies in Europe, she continues to travel the world modeling, enjoying her time in front of the camera and working with some of the most creative, brilliant people in the industry. 


In between jobs, she is dividing her time between her homes in New York City, USA  and Gothenburg, Sweden. Spending her spare time working with teenage focused charities and telling her own teenage story.


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